Rose D'Souza Memorial Trust

The Rose D’Souza Memorial Trust (RDMT) is a registered Public Trust set up in October 2013 by the family of Peter George and Rose D’Souza to carry on their legacy of philanthropic and community empowerment activities.


Reach out and make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, irrespective of religion, caste or gender.


1) Empower deserving financially disadvantaged students with grants/awards to pursue higher education or vocational training

2) Improve and enhance facilities for learning in schools or homes for financially disadvantaged children.

3) Enhance facilities for care of the aged by extending assistance to old-age and retirement homes that care for the elderly.

4) Outreach into rural areas, either independently or with other agencies to improve living, education and medical facilities.

The Logo

The logo and tagline of RDMT, designed by great-grandchildren of PG and Rose D'Souza, depict its Vision and Mission. The flower is depicts a rose, with the open hands of the leaves representing the Vision of Reaching Out, while the cupped hands of the flower represent the tagline - Caring, Sharing, Empowering.

Managing Committee

RDMT is managed by a Committee consisting of the 3 Trustees and 3 Committee members.

The present Managing Committee:

Ms Nirmala D’Souza – Trustee

Mr Dilip D’Souza – Trustee

Mrs Laila D’Silva – Trustee

Mr Deepak D’Souza – Committee Member

Mrs Odette Katrak – Committee Member

Mr Stephen Rego – Committee Member