Edition 1

Stalwarts of Mysore - South India is an autobiographical account by Peter George D'Souza which provides an insight into his Origin and Family as well as his life and considerable achievements in the service of the Mysore government.

As per his wish that his autobiography be published not less than 10 years after his death, Stalwarts of Mysore - South India was published by his wife, Rose, in 1975.

Edition 2

The second edition was published by Augustine D'Souza, PG and Rose's 10th child. He added the Second and Third Part to the first edition.

In the epilogue, he writes "It was my proud privilege to have been entrusted with the manuscript of his autobiography, over which my mother had laboured for a long time. She brought out the First Part titled 'Stalwarts of Mysore' which has been included in this publication".