Yahoo Group

This mail group was started in January 2000, mainly for the descendants of the PG's to keep in touch and to share news on births, deaths and any other events in the family that bring us all closer together, despite sometime beings worlds away.

Now you just have to post a message to this address, and it will go to all the 50 odd members of this group.

Just a few points to note:

1) Any attachments (photos/pictures/graphics) sent over email will be automatically deleted. These can instead be posted on the site under the photos or the files folder, and a mail can be sent to everyone, informing them about the photos/attachments.
2) Keep in mind that in some homes, children access the mail, so please avoid all content of an adult nature.
3) Please do not send any forwards or spam to this e-group.

It's great to be able to keep in touch with our large family all over the world, so keep the communication going.  Send pictures whenever you can.

How to get added to the group ?

Send an email to In the email that you send us please let us know  how you are connected to the PG D'Souza clan as it is hard for us to figure this out just from the email address.

How to leave the group ?

Send an email to In the email please let us know why you are leaving this group.

If none of this works send an email to anyone of us in the contact section of this website and we will act on your request.

How to send messages to everyone in the group ?

Once you become a member of the group you will get instructions on how you can send emails to everyone in the group.

The link to the groups website is -