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Seated – Granny Rose with Baby Mary, Granpa PG with Sonny, Tilly (standing right) and Gerry (seated) - (1911-1936)
Standing: Irene, Gerry, Mary, Tittu, Bullu, Otty
Seated: Tilly, Alphy, Grandpa PG, Granny Rose with Baby Blanche, Noel, Louise, Sonny
Seated on ground: Gussy, Tony, Corrine, Joey, Xavy
Standing: Gussy, Gerry, Sylvie, Blanche, Corrine, Louise, Jeannette, Isobel, Noel, Tony
Seated: Birdie, Elize, Tilly, Grandpa PG, Granny Rose, Mary, Otty, Tetta
Seated (children): Peter Colaco, Dudley, Rose, Ashok, Joe, Patsy, Peter Mathias, Jackie, John, Leela
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The clan in 1956
The clan in 1989
Gerry’s labour of love for Granny Rose’s 90th Birthday

Oorgaum House - The original structure was a colonial style bungalow, 'Oorgaum House' built by Lavelle, for the wedding reception of his daughter, Tingley. This was named after the town 'Oorgaum', in Kolar district of Karnataka; where Lavelle had discovered the gold fields along with contemporaries. The house was to be inherited by his son, who sadly was killed during the Great War.

Source - Wikimapia

Oorgaum House, on then Seshadri Road, was purchased from family friend Rao Bahadur Deshmukh Shama Rao in Sep 1917 for Rs.9000.


Picture of the clan taken at Carmel Convent on the occasion of Aunty Corinne's 80th birthday on 11th July, 2010.

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